Los Tres Tristes Tigres

They have got to be one of my favorite Hispanic bands. I totally love sitting down for a couple hours once a week with a bowl of my favorite snack (buttered popcorn) and listen to some good ole reruns of these sad tigers.
They made ​​their debut in 1971 appearing in national festivals in Venezuela, and the following year included Nelson Bautista. During the first two years participated in various festivals and the Grand Festival Music Progressive next to the NY Rock Ensemble and in 1973 the first audiovisual pyro concert, participate in The First Festival of the Song of Cumana ( Sucre State ) also began to make television programs like Renny presents, Holiday with Venevision and Joy Fair awards winning his chance as Guaicaipuro gold, Mara de Oro, Meridiano de Oro .
In 1972 debut album: "Solo Otra Vez" album widely accepted by the public, in 1974 sends to the market its second album album: "3 Tristes Tigres" album of great international projection by the European public and Latin, for 1975 launched on the market the album "Tres Tristes Tigres", the same year releases its fourth CD album: "the Greatest Hits". In 1978 they put an end to the group and Alfredo Cabrera and Humberto Becerra with Marlene Arias make up the group Los Tigres. In 2001 they released the compilation album "Los Tres Tristes Tigres and Marlene" which includes songs of the group Los Tres Tristes Tigres, in the following group: Los Tigres. The group is again integrated, dedicated to presentations, tours and concerts throughout the Venezuelan country.